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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Tamarac Commissioner Elvin Villalobos faces scrutiny after resident is removed from commission meeting

His comments seemed reasonable and fair.  Like other residents, William Goffinet wants to hold Tamarac elected officials accountable for their actions and see to it that positive change takes place in the City.  Any resident can attend commission meetings and speak for three minutes, it’s their right.  On Wednesday night, February 8th, William Goffinet’s rights were abridged when Commissioner Elvin Villalobos ordered Tamarac BSO to escort him out of the ‘People’s City Hall.’

Goffinet wanted to complain about two issues; he only got to start the first. He said that the City of Tamarac had not placed pressure on the [Sawgrass Lanes – Bowlero] bowling alley to put up a Marquis Sign.  He then accused Mayor Michelle Gomez and ‘George Santos,’ pointing at Elvin Villalobos, of always being at the bowling alley together, but never addressing the issue.

At this point, Villalobos jumped in and threatened to make a motion to remove Goffinet from the Chambers.  Goffinet asked Villalobos if he took the comment ‘personal.’   Interestingly, Villalobos did not offer an answer but proceeded to make a motion to remove Goffinet from the Chambers.  The Mayor and the other Commissioners remained silent not offering a second to Villalobos’ motion.  Goffinet reminded Villalobos that this would be the second time that his right to free speech had been violated.

Things got even more heated when Goffinet went on to inform Villalobos that he will take action. Gomez came to Villalobos’ defense asking Goffinet if he was making a threat.  Goffinet, on record, made it clear that his words were non-threatening and that he only wanted Gomez and Villalobos to be honest.

Instead of seconding Villalobos’ motion, Gomez called for a recess. At this point, a BSO officer is seen strapping up and walking off the dais, seemingly toward Goffinet.  When the meeting restarts, Goffinet is evidently removed.  At this point, Villalobos called for another point-off order.  Villalobos, taunting Bolton who was quiet through the entire ordeal, said “I want to make it clear to this Commission, specifically to the gentleman to my right from District 1, that if you continue to send my constituents emails, and if you use this against me we are going to have serious issues when it comes to elections Sir.”

The crowd went into an uproar, shouting “that’s another threat!”

Vice Mayor Bolton asked for a point of order, reminding the Commission that this was the fourth time that Commissioner Villalobos had made threats of that nature against him and advised the Commission that even though he has remained silent, the time has now come to Censure the Commissioner because he has made numerous negative remarks about him online and in chambers.

The Mayor suggested that the topic be brought up at the next Strategic Planning meeting.  Sources close to Tamarac Post say the issue is likely to be reviewed by the Florida Commission on Ethics and the ACLU.

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