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Monday, June 17, 2024
HomeLocal NewsTamarac Considers Bringing "Top Golf-Like" Structure to Glades Golf Course

Tamarac Considers Bringing “Top Golf-Like” Structure to Glades Golf Course

The Glades Golf Course in Tamarac, a par 65 executive course opened in 1972, maybe in line for a major transformation. City officials are considering improving the course or monetizing it to generate revenue. The proposal has sparked a heated debate among city officials and residents.

Commissioner Elvin Villalobos has expressed support for the idea, stating that he doesn’t believe residents would object to a commercial structure in their backyards. However, Vice Mayor Morey Wright has a differing opinion, citing concerns from residents in the area, particularly those living in Plum Bay, who do not want additional residential or commercial development that could lower their quality of life.

Mayor Michelle Gomez and Commissioner Villalobos are leaning towards a $6,981,750 plan to improve the golf course, which could include the installation of a “Top Golf-Like” structure. The proposal aims to enhance the course while generating revenue for the city.

But the City could take a different approach, Staffers say they could explore a different, cheaper option, to beautify the golf course, but that option would not monetize it.

The Glades Course, known for its natural beauty and challenging design, has been a staple of the Tamarac community for decades. While some see the potential for growth and revenue, others are concerned about the impact on the area’s quality of life. The city will continue deliberating on the proposal, seeking a balance between progress and preservation.

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