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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez: Most Corrupt Mayor in Broward County?

Late Friday evening, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton sent an email to Tamarac Residents, here’s how it reads:
The truth always prevails over unfair bloggers and “Journalists” who seek to distort and omit the truth. The fact is, I have been fighting the good fight to reduce wasteful spending in my City for years and, I led an effort to reduce our Property Taxes to the lowest point in years. Taxes are still high in Tamarac and I vow to decrease it even lower. The fact is, among the first actions Michelle Gomez took after being elected Mayor, was NOT to decrease Tamarac Taxes, but increased her salary to one of the highest in the county and refused to lower it as residents suffered during covid, bought new office furniture and then changed her office carpet simply because she didn’t like Harry Dressler? (the former Mayor) I think that’s wasteful spending!
It doesn’t stop there, Gomez fought me to see to fruition the construction of a BIG BLUE STORAGE FACILITY ON THE CORNER OF COMMERCIAL BLVD AND ROCK ISLAND ROAD and that’s whom we want to worship as a thoughtful Mayor? Some residents are apt to believe false media narratives without watching or attending Commission meetings to see and hear what really goes on at City Hall. Why don’t we ever hear of the dirty little secrets of some officials? But we constantly see an effort from Bloggers to demonize the Black Commissioners? Residents can choose to believe what they want to, but the record and meeting videos CAN NOT LIE!
Records show, that I have always been the one to fight against wasteful spending in my city, and mind you, it’s not a waste when one helps to feed families faced with food insecurities and, it is not wasteful spending to ask charities for assistance to pay Residents’ bills if they are struggling.
Actual waste lives at the home of Michelle Gomez, who terrorizes the neighbors who oppose her… she tells her community arsenic poisoning is not a big deal and yes, waste lives at the home of Michelle Gomez who goes down in history as the only elected official who defended a Corrupt City Manager!
To my political rivals who will want to label me sexist or misogynistic for calling out Tamarac’s biggest Moral Hazard; I have a track record of fighting for women’s rights, promoting their welfare, and introducing policies that increase Tamarac women’s quality of life. During my tenure, I have fought for women, leading to the creation of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Commission on the Status of Women and fighting for a Woman’s right to choose before the State Legislature and other bodies.
Love me or hate me, I will always be the People’s Commissioner with the highest re-election numbers of any elected official in Tamarac’s history!
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