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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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There’s a Lot to Love About the City’s Free Online Classes

Did you know that Tamarac is offering many free online classes? There are classes for kids, adults, and seniors, from Beginning Spanish to Drawing to Tai Chi/Qigong and many others.

Today, let’s take a look at just one of them: Tai Chi/Qigong. According to the city, Tai Chi is great for improving your balance, flexibility, and strength. It’s billed as a low impact class using slow and gentle movement, focused on breathing techniques and mindfulness.

As to the Qigong part of the class: think of Qigong as the “‘internal’ portion of tai chi,” according to Piedmont Healthcare.* Breaking it down a little further, “Qi means ‘life force’ … Gong means work or gather. Qi Gong together means a form of movement and mind using intention and mindfulness….Qi…is the type of energy that makes us feel alive and helps us experience emotions. Traditional qi gong theory says that we can focus on a feeling, emotion, part of the body, concept or goal and that our qi, or energy, goes where our mind sends it.”

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I know two things for sure right now:

  1. I’ve got plenty of room to exercise at home, now that I’ve had weeks to purge and declutter.
  2. I could absolutely use a little help directing my mind to better places than where it is right now, which is a sort of endless loop of fretting over the future.

You may be used to working out at a gym, or not working out at all. Wherever you are, now’s a great time to try something new. You might be pleasantly surprised and of course, because it’s free, the only investment you’re making is a little bit of your time.

So give Tai-Chi/Qigong a try (after checking with your doctor, of course). And if you try out this or any other of the city’s free online courses, let us know how it goes.

Visit for a complete list of free classes offered by the City and remember, these free online courses are just another reason that Tamarac is The City For Your Life!


Image by franciscojcesar from Pixabay

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