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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton leads a ‘New Tamarac’

Tamarac Officials are working hard on re-branding the city from it’s once retirement town reputation to a rapidly growing and changing City at the epicenter of South Florida.  Well, atleast that’s how Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton characterizes the ‘New Tamarac.’

Elected in 2016, Bolton joined the commission as the youngest ever to be elected in the history of the City. He made history again last year when he became the City’s first African American Vice Mayor.  Certified by the Florida Supreme Court, Bolton is a County Court Mediator, Pastor and Business Owner by profession.  He is spending his year as Vice Mayor focused on revamping the city’s image, working with his colleagues  to bring more businesses and restaurants to the city, all while managing his district, the eastern part of the city, well.

“Tamarac is just moments away from three world-ranked airports and seaports, with easy access to three major highways.” Bolton said, adding that the city is a multicultural, multi-generational thriving community in a metro area of 6 million people with an exceptional quality of life in a sunny, warm climate.

Tamarac’s residential population has grown by 16% since 2000 as part of South Florida’s regional population surge. Originally a retirement community, Tamarac’s demographics are quickly changing. The population is growing and becoming younger as new families are moving in, and median incomes are rising.

Bolton says that the business community is investing heavily in Tamarac. In the last few years, developers have added more than 1,300 new residential units, and nearly as many more are currently proposed. Several new hotels are being built and proposed. A major mixed-use project known as Tamarac Village is under construction and will create a new downtown area for the City.  Bolton says he hopes to replicate Tamarac’s “downtown” in his district, near 441 and commercial blvd., and dub it the city’s “uptown,” a project/concept he is currently tight lipped about, but confirms he is currently mapping out the City’s staff.

The city’s Commerce Park is thriving: several companies have recently completed major expansions, and a new spec 350,000-square-foot industrial warehouse project is underway.  “We’re focusing our economic development efforts on our commercial corridors and revitalizing aging and underutilized shopping centers.” said Bolton, also adding that the city has a vision for its commercial redevelopment opportunities, and focused on the future in Tamarac, and it shows.

The city is laying the groundwork for its economic future, investing in an expanded fiber optic network for greater connectivity and smart infrastructure. It seems with Vice Mayor Bolton’s bold new plans for the city, Tamarac is definitely becoming an agile and financially resilient community with a central location and untold potential.

From bringing new life to outdated shopping plazas to new housing options for a broad spectrum, to providing programs and services for every segment of our community, it’s all happening in Tamarac and Bolton is leading the way.

“Although businesses and investors realize that Tamarac is a hidden gem and wants a piece of our paradise, I am selective of the best opportunities,” he said, adding that its time that the City focus on its business potential and lay residential projects aside for now.

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