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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Elvin Villalobos is a Complainer and a Troublemaker who offers little or no input to move his district forward


Dear Residents of Tamarac,

I am writing to address an email distributed on February 15th by Mr. Elvin Villalobos using your City Resources and Taxpayer Funds.

The email contained misinformation about my involvement with Tamarac I want to assure you that I do not own any news media that disseminates misinformation; however, I am committed to providing accurate and transparent information to the community through any media outlet.

As an Innovator, I’ve helped many businesses to get off the ground and thrive, and it is no secret that is said to be one such business.

As a Public Official, eager to get updates to residents quickly, I started, and currently advertises with Much like Mr. Villalobos’ advertising relationship with a Tamarac blog.

As your Commissioner, my priority is to improve the city and fulfill the promises made to our residents.

That is why I lead the charge to STOP the proposed 12-floor multifamily development at Tamarac Village on Commercial Blvd, and I am actively working towards finding viable solutions to bring restaurants to our community, and I will co-lead a conversation to reshape the City’s vision to address our housing crisis, dilapidated plazas, lack of restaurants, and an entertainment district from now to 2040.

Looking back, I strongly believe if I did not get information out about the City’s plan to approve more unnecessary apartments, and expose the City’s intention not to preserve the remaining parcel at Tamarac Village as 100% Commercial, you would never know the project was even being considered. Just think about that!

After published an article, and residents got wind of the proposed development, they pushed hard at Mr. Villalobos, urging him to vote NO.  It is history that predicted that Mr. Villalobos was postured to vote YES:

  • Mr. Villalobos voted to approve 335 homes in the Woodlands, and in my opinion, this disrupts peace and harmony in the community, and this development will add to traffic on Commercial Blvd. Even the Developers agree with the latter.
  • Mr. Villalobos moved a proposed project forward to build a new, City Hall that could cost you $100,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS)

Just ponder on the dangerous direction our city is headed in.  But Mr. Villalobos and his operatives uses scare tactics, and fake news blogs to distract residents from what is truly happening in our City.

I am of the opinion that Mr. Villalobos wants to demonize, villainize, and silence me. He did the same to a resident, vulgarly chasing him out of City Hall because the resident opposed his views.

I believe he wants you to unfollow Tamarac Post because it is the only news site that exposes the truth, fast!

City Hall has many secrets and I am the only one brave enough to tell them to you. And I will, if you remain on my mailing list.

As a Community Leader, I expect to be attacked. It is apart of the territory, but I have never once used City resources and your tax dollars to defend myself in an email during my time in Tamarac, Instead, I have worked hard to improve the City’s infrastructure, and support our residents and small businesses.

For example, in the midst of adversity and attacks, I worked with FDOT, the Federal Government, and the City of Tamarac, to:

1. Improve Prospect Road by

Installing bike lanes, repaving roads from 441, all the way east on the Prospect Road Corridor, and improving mobility.

2. ⁠I supported the construction of sound barrier walls along prospect Road.

3. ⁠Advocated for the repaved of streets in Mainlands 1-5.

4. ⁠Advocated for better beautification efforts along Commercial Blvd.

5. Renovated Caporella Park to the tune of almost 5 million dollars, outfitting it with an amphitheater, splash pad, concession stand, and picnic shelters.

6. Installed new Community signs Citywide.

7. Installed Traffic Calming measures, like speed humps, and roundabouts in our communities where they are most needed.

8. Voted to approve almost $705,000 of Federal Funds that will help Tamarac residents who are behind on rent, mortgage, and HOA and Condo fees.

9. ⁠Launched the “Bolton Means Business” initiative that brings attention and customers to Tamarac Businesses, while connecting Tamarac Businessowners with resources.

Elvin Villalobos is a Complainer and a Troublemaker who offers little or no input to move his district forward. While Mr. Villalobos “The Complaining Commissioner” and his compadres were throwing temper tantrums, I was working! And I am not done yet!

I understand that misinformation can be harmful and create unnecessary concern. That is why i provide accurate, and factual quotes to, the SunSentinel and other credible news outlets and chose to clear the air today.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to continuing to serve our community with transparency and dedication.

Commissioner Marlon Bolton

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