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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Michelle Gomez has a Dirty Little Secret?

They once viciously campaigned against each other.  Now, these two trump-voting maniacs are inseparable, at least for now.

The two are Michelle J. Gomez and Elvin Villalobos, the King, and Queen of the Republic of Tamarac.  But how did they get to where they are today? We have a few damning secrets to reveal about Elvin Villalobos; his finances, friends, his connection to possible fraud, and major incompetence, but first let’s talk about Madam Michy.

Broward’s Reddest Coward likes to blog about Bolton’s use of Political Action Committees to impact positive change but never seems to get around to talking about Gomez’s use of PACS to ease out a 42% victory, enough to earn an office where she can use the power of her vote to keep alleged Criminals employed.

Those of us who follow politics read campaign reports like magazines.  But we somehow could not find expenses that matched some very obvious expenses on Michelle Gomez’s campaign report, like a Mobile Billboard per se. So, we looked elsewhere.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane… It’s a train, no it’s a bus, no it’s actually a truck! With GOMEZ FOR MAYOR on it!

Sounds familiar? Well, if it doesn’t, here is the scoop:

A political action committee, Floridians For A Safer Tomorrow, spent $6500 on September 29, 2018, to support Michelle’s run for Mayor. The expense description reads, “INK [In Kind Contribution] Mobile Billboard Ad,” a hefty gift that no one knew about, until now.  Here are some dangling questions, who is behind this PAC? Who is the contributor and why would they spend so much money to keep Michelle Gomez elected.  Has Gomez ever made any Quid Pro Quo promises in return for the PAC gift?

We will publish some answers soon.  The point for now is, if you live in a Glasshouse, don’t throw stones… or pay a republican troll sitting in a Plantation basement to throw them for you.

PS. Hey Villalobos, still think all expenses should show up on campaign reports? During your next sunshine-breaking meeting in the Mayor’s office, you should blurt out: HOW COULD YOU!?

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