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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Residents Berate Tamarac Officials Over Tax Savings

Resident Opinion — With the rising cost of living, Tamarac Officials are trying to find ways to save Taxpayers money. They are trying to find ways to grow the city’s economy, solve traffic issues and keep the city beautiful. But they have angered five residents who say, “leave the city alone!”

But these residents complain about almost everything. The complaints include how Commissioners dress, where they live, worship, and work. They attend every meeting in a blatant attempt to bully elected officials and staff into submission.

“I hope the camera is on me,” says one resident, as he announced a 2024 run against popular incumbent Commissioner, Vice Mayor Marlon Bolton. This is the same resident who threatened the Commissioner to shoot him from a ladder with a “BS Gun” — who would have thought that kind of insurrectionist behavior would come to Tamarac?

Another resident said that elected officials did not go to the home of a 5-year-old child, who died in a Tamarac Canal, to help Police search for his body. The insensitive comment sent shock waves through City Hall even as the resident made more graphic comments.

So, who holds these residents accountable? indeed not Sallie James, a self-proclaimed blogger from Indiana. Not Elvin Villalobos, a “Kim Jong-un / George Santos wanna-be” from Hialeah, Not Michelle Gomez, the complainants are her minions, and certainly not Pattie Lynn, the once arrested drunk driver.

What Commissioners have to do is to remain professional, maintain composure, and do the work they were elected to do. They must continue to ask the tough questions, like how they can save taxpayers money without compromising safety and an excellent level of service. They must “never stop” like “pouting Kate Johnson,” and if they have a nervous breakdown, they must find a real Psychologist who has more than 3 minutes to speak.

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